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How To Choose The Right Coffee Table

Learn how to select the perfect coffee table for your style and space.

What size should my coffee table be?

To determine the ideal size coffee table your room requires, we recommend going by a rule of two-thirds. This means that in many cases, the ideal coffee table will be two-thirds the length of the adjacent sofa.

How tall should my coffee table be?

The coffee table should not be higher than the seat height of your sofa. Typically, sofas and seats will be about 43 cm to 46 cm tall, so your coffee table should be about the same or slightly shorter.

What shape should my coffee table be?

Most of the time, upholstery is some form of a square or rectangle. To pleasantly contrast with rectangular furniture, use a circle or oval coffee table, but for rounded or ornate furniture, choosing a more angular, geometric one.

What material should my coffee table be?

Choose a material that coordinates with the style of your existing interior while balancing the rest of the furniture. Wood coffee tables are both durable and versatile. Metal coffee tables add sleek lines to your room. Glass coffee tables lend a light, airy look to your space. Marble coffee tables create a luxurious look.